Trauma Therapy

Why Trauma Therapy?

Some experiences stick with us but not always in a good way. The experience of emotional or physical trauma can have long lasting impacts on our mind and body. Trauma looks different to everyone. Some things, like a car accident or physical and sexual abuse, are more obvious. Others, like bullying, extreme embarrassment or verbal abuse can also leave lasting effects on us. Whether the traumatic experience is obvious or not, many times we cope with them in the best way we know how. Usually this is done by pushing them out of our minds until they are behind some sort of mental barricade. This can be effective for a short period of time but unless we truly give the wound the time and attention necessary to heal, it can become a heavy and isolating burden.

Too many times trauma rears its ugly head by barricading us from our loved ones and draining our self-esteem. As a counselor who provides trauma therapy in West Houston, I see firsthand how counseling can help transform these overwhelming experiences into empowering ones. People can be present in their own healing process by learning to validate their emotions, develop healthy coping strategies, and find the support they need build confidence to feel more centered than before.




Neutralize Your Trigger

Certain events can trigger the trauma you have experienced and you may or may not realize the association. A “trigger” is something that incites sensitivity and unlocks unwanted emotions causing the body to become reactive. Triggered behavior can look like withdrawal, rage, or irritability — and these can surface differently from person to person. It’s not just emotions that ramp up with trauma; the body is an important barometer for our emotional experience. Tension, headaches, digestive issues, insomnia, clouded minds and more can be symptomatic of triggered trauma. These sensitivities can be treated through therapeutic methods like EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Trauma therapy can help desensitize not just certain triggers, but help to dig to the core of the experience and neutralize the core issue.

Learn Coping Skills

Once you realize that your trauma is not in your head, the next step is developing coping skills. The Key Center is invaluable in this department! Your therapist will counsel with you to figure out how to heal and manage your triggers day-to-day as you neutralize them. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy and other techniques can be helpful  to calm and modify your behaviors.  You can rely on your therapist to counsel you through anxiety, anger, and other difficult emotions as you learn to trust yourself and others again.

Regain Hope

When you have healthy coping skills in your toolbox  and your traumatic experiences are neutralized, you will begin to feel hope. Healing is an opportunity to renew the way you interact with your partner and those around you. Instead of that heavy weight that never goes away, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s so important to recognize the emotional work you’ve done. Working through trauma is daunting initially, but when you are able to learn how to handle these kinds of experiences, you are learning important skills of resilience. With this, you can look with confidence and hope towards your future.

Key Center for Trauma Therapy

If you recognize yourself in these emotions, please don’t suffer alone! Trauma in both childhood and adulthood can severely affect your relationships and your own sense of self-worth and safety. Many of my clients do not realize how many emotional walls they have built until they start coming down. You deserve to feel safe and to take up space in your world. Time and again I have seen the tried-and-true techniques of EMDR and other research-based methods help my clients uncover trauma and recover their lives.

When it comes to trauma counseling, finding a therapist you trust is essential. If you are seeking a trauma therapy in west Houston, book an appointment at The Key Center with Mary Key Ellisor and start working towards healing now.